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Chapter 31.45 RCW


RCW Sections

31.45.020Application of chapter.
31.45.022Privacy or confidentiality of any information or material -- Federal or other state's laws.
31.45.030License required -- Small loan endorsement -- Application -- Fee -- Bond -- Deposit in lieu of bond -- Director's duties.
31.45.040Application for license or small loan endorsement -- Financial responsibility -- Director's investigation.
31.45.043Multistate licensing system -- Director's discretion.
31.45.045Reports -- Nationwide licensing system.
31.45.050Investigation or examination fee and annual assessment fee required -- Amounts determined by rule -- Failure to pay -- Notice requirements of licensee.
31.45.060Licensee -- Schedule of fee and charges -- Recordkeeping.
31.45.070Licensee -- Permissible transactions -- Restrictions.
31.45.073Making small loans -- Endorsement required -- Due date -- Termination date -- Maximum amount -- Installment plans -- Interest -- Fees -- Postdated check or draft as security.
31.45.077Small loan endorsement -- Application -- Form -- Information -- Exemption from disclosure -- Fees.
31.45.079Making small loans -- Agent for a licensee or exempt entity -- Federal preemption.
31.45.080Trust funds -- Deposit requirements -- Rules.
31.45.082Delinquent small loan -- Restrictions on collection by licensee or third party -- Definitions.
31.45.084Small loan installment plan -- Terms -- Restrictions.
31.45.085Loan application -- Required statement -- Rules.
31.45.086Small loans -- Right of rescission.
31.45.088Small loans -- Disclosure requirements -- Advertising -- Making loan.
31.45.090Report requirements -- Disclosure of information -- Rules.
31.45.093Information system -- Access -- Required information -- Fees -- Rules.
31.45.095Report by director -- Contents.
31.45.100Examination or investigation -- Director's authority -- Costs.
31.45.103Subpoena authority -- Application -- Contents -- Notice -- Fees.
31.45.105Violations of chapter -- Enforceability of transaction.
31.45.110Violations or unsound financial practices -- Statement of charges -- Hearing -- Sanctions -- Director's authority -- Statute of limitations.
31.45.120Violations or unsound practices -- Temporary cease and desist order -- Director's authority.
31.45.130Temporary cease and desist order -- Licensee's application for injunction.
31.45.140Violation of temporary cease and desist order -- Director's application for injunction.
31.45.150Licensee's failure to perform obligations -- Director's duty.
31.45.160Director's possession of property and business -- Appointment of receiver.
31.45.180Violation -- Misdemeanor.
31.45.190Violation -- Consumer protection act -- Remedies.
31.45.200Director -- Broad administrative discretion.
31.45.210Military borrowers -- Licensee's duty -- Definition.
31.45.900Effective date, implementation -- 1991 c 355.
31.45.901Effective date -- 2009 c 510.