Chapter 31.45 RCW
Application of chapter.
Privacy or confidentiality of any information or materialFederal or other state's laws.
License requiredSmall loan endorsementApplicationFeeBondDeposit in lieu of bondDirector's duties.
Application for license or small loan endorsementFinancial responsibilityDirector's investigation.
Multistate licensing systemDirector's discretion.
ReportsNationwide licensing system.
Investigation or examination fee and annual assessment fee requiredAmounts determined by ruleFailure to payNotice requirements of licensee.
LicenseeSchedule of fee and chargesRecordkeeping.
LicenseePermissible transactionsRestrictions.
Making small loansEndorsement requiredDue dateTermination dateMaximum amountInstallment plansInterestFeesPostdated check or draft as security.
Small loan endorsementApplicationFormInformationExemption from disclosureFees.
Making small loansAgent for a licensee or exempt entityFederal preemption.
Trust fundsDeposit requirementsRules.
Delinquent small loanRestrictions on collection by licensee or third partyDefinitions.
Small loan installment planTermsRestrictions.
Loan applicationRequired statementRules.
Small loansRight of rescission.
Small loansDisclosure requirementsAdvertisingMaking loan.
Report requirementsDisclosure of informationRules.
Information systemAccessRequired informationFeesRules.
Examination or investigationDirector's authorityCosts.
Subpoena authorityApplicationContentsNoticeFees.
Violations of chapterEnforceability of transaction.
Violations or unsound financial practicesStatement of chargesHearingSanctionsDirector's authorityStatute of limitations.
Violations or unsound practicesTemporary cease and desist orderDirector's authority.
Temporary cease and desist orderLicensee's application for injunction.
Violation of temporary cease and desist orderDirector's application for injunction.
Licensee's failure to perform obligationsDirector's duty.
Director's possession of property and businessAppointment of receiver.
ViolationConsumer protection actRemedies.
DirectorBroad administrative discretion.
Military borrowersLicensee's dutyDefinition.
Effective date, implementation1991 c 355.
Effective date2009 c 510.
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