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Title 463 WAC



Agency operations and public records.
Policy and interpretation.
Council meetings and proceedings.
Potential site studies.
Public informational meeting and land use hearing.
State preemption.
Adjudicative proceedings.
Petitions for rule making and declaratory orders.
Expedited processing.
SEPA rules.
Independent consultants.
Charges for independent consultant study, regular and expedited application processing, electrical transmission preapplications, determining compliance and potential site study.
Applications for site certification.
Electrical transmission facilities.
Construction and operation standards for energy facilities.
Issuance of a site certification agreement.
Amending, transferring, or terminating a site certification agreement.
Site certification agreement—Start of construction, expiration, and reporting.
Certification compliance monitoring and enforcement.
Site restoration and preservation.
Dangerous wastes.
Regulations for compliance with NPDES permit program.
General and operating permit regulations for air pollution sources.
Carbon dioxide mitigation program for thermal electric generating facilities.
Greenhouse gases emissions performance standard and sequestration plans and programs for baseload electric generating facilities.
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