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460-20B-035  <<  460-20B-040 >>   460-20B-050

Examination requirements.

(1) In order to be licensed in this state as a broker-dealer, the individual applicant, an officer if the applicant is a corporation, a manager if the applicant is a limited liability company, or a general partner if the applicant is a partnership, shall pass the following examinations:
(a) The uniform securities agent state law examination (series 63); or the uniform combined state law examination (series 66); and
(b) The appropriate qualifying examination or examinations administered by such national securities association for the activities in which the broker-dealer is to engage.
(2) If the individual officer who takes the examination on behalf of a corporate applicant or the individual general partner who takes the examination on behalf of a partnership ceases to be an officer or general partner, then the broker-dealer must notify the securities administrator of a substitute officer or general partner who has passed the same category of examination specified in subsection (1) of this section within two months of the date of substitution in order to maintain the broker-dealer's license.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 21.20.070 and 21.20.450. WSR 95-16-026, § 460-20B-040, filed 7/21/95, effective 8/21/95.]