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Last Update: 2/26/14

Chapter 434-324 WAC


WAC Sections

Review of county election management systems.
County election management system—Applications for voter registration.
County codes.
Voter registration form.
Illegible or missing postmarks.
Electronic voter registration.
Confidentiality of protected records voter information.
County-to-county transfers.
Data transfer to secretary and registration status.
Verification of applicant's identity.
Duplicate voter registration search conducted by secretary.
Voter registration updates.
Acknowledgment notice.
Confirmation notice.
Cancellation due to death—Process.
Cancellation due to death—Forms.
Felony screening process.
Incapacitated persons lacking voting rights—Notice from court.
Voluntary cancellation of voter registration.
Lacking the qualifications necessary to vote.
Challenge of voter's registration.
Data auditing of county voter election management system with the official statewide voter registration data base.
Voter registration data base manual.
Lists of registered voters for the public.
Requests for list of registered voters.
Retaining voter registration records.
Disaster recovery and security plans.