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State registered domestic partnerships.

(1) State registered domestic partnerships will be registered by the corporations program, in the corporations and charities division of the office of the secretary of state.
(2) Declarations of state registered domestic partnerships may be submitted to the division by mail, or in person.
(3) The document standards in WAC 434-112-040 apply to declarations of state registered domestic partnerships.
(4) At the time of registration of a declaration of state registered domestic partnership the corporations program will provide to each state registered domestic partner:
(a) One original certificate of registration. Further certificates or additional certificates requested after registration are available subject to the fees set forth in WAC 434-112-090.
(b) Two wallet sized card documenting registration of the state registered domestic partnership.
(5) Registrations of state registered domestic partnerships are public records and all documents related to the registration are subject to public disclosure.
(6) Notice of termination of domestic partnership by reason of death may be submitted to the corporations program by e-mail, regular mail or in person and must include a copy of the death certificate. There is no fee.
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