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Receipt of ballots and count of votes.

(1) As official ballot return envelopes are received by the superintendent of public instruction, a preliminary determination shall be made as to the eligibility of the elector, and a record shall be made on a list of eligible electors and approved private schools that the elector has voted.
(2) Official ballot return envelopes not submitted in compliance with this chapter and other envelopes containing ballots shall be set aside for a final review and acceptance or rejection by the election committee.
(3) The election committee shall convene for the purpose of counting votes on the date included on the election timeline.
(a) Official ballot return envelopes accepted by the election committee shall be opened and the inner unmarked envelopes containing the official ballots shall be removed and placed aside still sealed.
(b) The inner unmarked envelopes shall then be opened and the votes counted by the election committee.
(4) No record shall be made or maintained of the candidate for whom any elector cast his or her vote.
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