Filing and service of objections to improper conduct and interim orders.

The due date for objections is seven days after the tally has been served under WAC 391-25-410 or under 391-25-550, regardless of whether challenged ballots are sufficient in number to affect the results of the election. The time period for objections cannot be extended.
(1) Objections by the petitioner, the employer or any intervenor shall set forth, in separate numbered paragraphs:
(a) The specific conduct which the party filing the objection claims has improperly affected the results of the election; and/or
(b) The direction of election, direction of cross-check or other interim rulings which the objecting party desires to appeal to the commission.
(2) Objections by individual employees are limited to conduct or procedures which prevented them from casting a ballot.
(3) Any objections shall be filed at the commission's Olympia office as required by WAC 391-08-120(1), and the party filing the objections shall serve a copy on each of the other parties to the proceedings as required by WAC 391-08-120 (3) and (4).
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