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Chapter 388-97 WAC


WAC Sections

Admission, Transfer and Discharge
Nursing facility care.
Discrimination prohibited.
Nursing facility admission and payment requirements.
Discharge planning.
Utilization review.
Individual transfer and discharge rights and procedures.
Transfer and discharge appeals for resident in medicare or medicaid certified facilities.
Discharge or leave of a nursing facility resident.
Resident Rights
Resident rights.
Free choice.
Statute implemented in resident decision making, informed consent, and advance directives.
Resident decision making.
Informed consent.
Advance directives.
Notice of rights and services.
Notification of changes.
Protection of resident funds.
Privacy and confidentiality.
Electronic monitoring equipmentAudio monitoring and video monitoring.
Electronic monitoring equipmentResident requested use.
Self-administration of drugs.
Grievance rights.
Examination of survey results.
Resident mail.
Access and visitation rights.
Personal property.
Refusal of certain transfers.
Chemical and physical restraints.
Prevention of abuse.
Resident protection program definition.
Investigation of mandated reports.
Preliminary finding.
Notice to individual of preliminary findings.
Notice to others of preliminary findings.
Disputing a preliminary finding.
Hearing procedures to dispute preliminary finding.
Finalizing the preliminary finding.
Reporting final findings.
Appeal of administrative law judge's initial order or finding.
Disclosure of investigative and finding information.
Quality of Life
Resident dignity and accommodation of needs.
Self determination and participation.
Participation in resident and family groups.
Social services.
Resident Assessment and Plan of Care
Resident assessment.
Comprehensive plan of care.
Dementia care.
Quality of Care
Quality of care.
Nursing Services
Nursing services.
Direct care hours.
Dietary services.
Meal provision.
Individual dietary needs.
Dietary personnel.
Dietary menus.
Dietary orders.
Modified diets.
Tube feedings.
Physician Services
Physician services.
Specialized Habilitative and Rehabilitative Services
Specialized habilitative and rehabilitative services.
Pharmacy services.
Infection Control
Infection control.
Influenza and pneumococcal immunizations.
Surveillance, management and early identification of individuals with active tuberculosis.
TuberculosisTesting required.
TuberculosisTesting method—Required.
TuberculosisNo testing.
TuberculosisOne test.
TuberculosisTwo-step skin testing.
TuberculosisPositive test result.
TuberculosisNegative test result.
TuberculosisDeclining a skin test.
TuberculosisTest records.
Care of residents with active tuberculosis.
General administration.
Required notification and reporting.
Staff and equipment.
Staff development.
Medical director.
Clinical records.
Disaster and emergency preparedness.
Quality assessment and assurance.
Policies and procedures.
Background checksGeneral.
Criminal history disclosure and background inquiries.
Disqualification from nursing home employment.
Retaliation or discrimination prohibited.
Miscellaneous Services
Laundry services.
Short-term care, including respite services and adult day or night care.
Dialysis services.
Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) in Medicaid Certified Facilities.
Definitions related with PASRR.
PASRR requirements prior to admission of new residents.
PASRR requirements after admission of a resident.
Preadmission screening and resident review (PASRR) determination and appeal rights.
Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
Intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
New construction compliance.
Fire standards and approval, and other standards.
Maintenance and repair.
Accessibility in new construction.
Types of new construction.
ICF/IID exceptions to physical plan requirements.
Emergency power.
Resident Care Unit
Location of the resident care unit.
Required service areas on resident care units.
Staff work stations on resident care units.
Call systems on resident care units.
Telephones on resident care units.
Utility service rooms on resident care units.
Drug facilities on resident care units.
Linen storage on resident care units.
Janitors closets on resident care units.
Resident Rooms
Resident rooms.
Capacity of resident rooms.
Size of resident rooms.
Privacy in resident rooms.
Resident isolation rooms.
Resident room size variance.
Resident Room Equipment
Resident room equipment.
Resident bed and bedside equipment.
Lockable storage space in a resident room.
Wardrobes in a resident room.
Seating in a resident room.
Lighting in resident rooms.
Call signal device in resident rooms.
Cubicle curtains in resident rooms.
Miscellaneous equipment in resident rooms in a new building or addition.
Resident Toilet and Bathing Facilities
Resident toilet facilities or rooms.
Resident bathing facilities or rooms.
Locks in toilet and bathing facilities.
Dining, Dayrooms, and Resident Activity Areas
Dining, dayrooms, and resident activity areas.
Laundry Services
Laundry services and storage.
Dementia Care Unit
Dementia care unit.
Dining areas on a dementia care unit.
Outdoor areas on a dementia care unit.
Indoor areas on a dementia care unit.
Ambulation route on a dementia care unit in a new building or addition.
Physical plant on a dementia care unit.
Special egress control devices on a dementia care unit.
Specialized and Outpatient Rehabilitation
Specialized rehabilitation.
Outpatient rehabilitation.
Food Services Areas
Food service areas.
Storage of equipment.
Storage of resident room equipment in a new building or addition.
General storage in new construction.
Lighting and Electrical
Natural or artificial light.
Outside lighting.
Light shields.
Illumination levels in new buildings and additions.
Night lights in new construction.
Switches in new construction.
Electrical outlets.
SafetyPoisons and nonmedical chemicals.
SafetyStorage of equipment and supplies.
Water Supply
Water supply.
Hot water.
Cross connections.
Pest Control and Sewage and Waste Disposal
Pest control.
Sewage and liquid waste disposal.
New Construction Documents
General new construction documents.
Preliminary new construction documents.
Final new construction documents.
Preinstallation submissions for new construction.
New construction timelines.
Exemptions to new construction requirements.
Codes and Standards in New Construction
State building code in new construction.
Electrical codes and standards in new construction.
Elevator codes in new construction.
Local codes and ordinances in new construction.
Administration and Public Areas in New Construction
Entrances and exits in new construction.
Lobbies in new construction.
Interview space in new construction.
Offices in new construction.
Inservice education space in new construction.
Staff areas in new construction.
Visiting, Private, and Outdoor Recreation Space and Walkways in New Construction
Visiting and private space in new construction.
Outdoor recreation space and walkways in new construction.
Pools and Pharmacies in New Construction
Pools in new construction.
Pharmacies in new construction.
General Design Requirements in New Construction
Elevators in new construction.
Walking surfaces in a new building or addition.
Doors in new construction.
Floor finishes in new construction.
Carpets in new construction.
Coving in new construction.
Walls in new construction.
Accessories in new construction.
Miscellaneous in new construction.
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems in New Construction
Heating systems in new construction.
Cooling systems in new construction.
Ventilation systems in new construction.
Plumbing and Fixtures in New Construction
Handwashing sinks in new construction.
Drinking fountains in new construction.
Mixing valves or mixing faucets in new construction.
Spouts in new construction.
Faucet controls in new construction.
Initial License Application
Initial nursing home license.
Liability insurance required.
Liability insurance requiredCommercial general liability insurance or business liability insurance coverage.
Liability insurance requiredProfessional liability insurance coverage.
License Renewal
Nursing home license renewal.
Department Review of License Applications and Appeals
Department review of initial nursing home license applications.
Reasons for denial, suspension, modification, revocation of, or refusal to renew a nursing home license.
Appeal of the department's licensing decision.
Management Agreements and Changes of Ownership
Management agreements.
Change of ownership.
Licensed Bed Capacity, Relocation of Residents and License Relinquishment
Licensed bed capacity.
Relocation of residents.
License relinquishment.
Inspections and deficiency citation report.
Plan of correction.
Acceptable and unacceptable plans of correction.
Informal department review.
NoticeService complete.
NoticeProof of service.
Appeal rights.
Criteria for imposing optional remedies.
Severity and scope of deficiencies.
Separate deficienciesSeparate remedies.
Stop placement.
Amount of civil fine.
Civil fine accrual and due dates and interest.
Civil penalty fund.
Temporary management.
Temporary managers and receiversApplication.
Temporary managers and receiversConsiderations before appointment.
Duties and powers of temporary manager and receiver.
Termination of temporary management and receivership.
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