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Last Update: 3/16/09

Chapter 308-72 WAC


WAC Sections

Waiving of bond requirement.
Dishonored checks.
Payment due dates for motor vehicle fuel taxes not paid by electronic funds.
Collateral requirements in lieu of surety bonds.
Cancellation, suspension, or revocation of motor vehicle fuel licenses.
Sales to qualified foreign diplomatic and consular missions.
Tax exempt losses.
Delinquent account notification process.
Investigatory power.
Invoices issued by licensees.
Minimum payment or refund.
Filing of refund claims for nonlicensees.
Invoice requirements for refunds to nonlicensees.
Refund records.
Power take-off (PTO) use.
On-board computers or recording devices.
Special rules and requirements for fuel tax refunds.
Use tax for refunds.
Mitigation of penalties and interest.