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WAC 296-62-07310

Agency filings affecting this section

Signs, information and training.

(1) Signs.
(a) Entrances to regulated areas shall be posted with signs bearing the legend:
(b) Entrances to regulated areas containing operations covered in WAC 296-62-07306 (2)(e) shall be posted with signs bearing the legend:
(c) Appropriate signs and instructions shall be posted at the entrance to, and exit from, regulated areas, informing employees of the procedures that must be followed in entering and leaving a regulated area.
(2) Container contents, identification.
(a) Containers of carcinogens named in WAC 296-62-07302 and containers required in WAC 296-62-07306 (2)(d)(v) and 296-62-07306 (2)(f)(vii)(B) and 296-62-07306 (2)(f)(viii)(B) which are accessible only to, and handled only by authorized employees, or by other employees training in accordance with WAC 296-62-07310(5), may have contents identification limited to a generic or proprietary name, or other proprietary identification of the carcinogen and percent.
(b) Containers of carcinogens and containers required under WAC 296-62-07306 (2)(d)(v) and 296-62-07306 (2)(f)(vii)(B) and 296-62-07306 (2)(f)(viii)(B) which are accessible to, or handled by employees other than authorized employees or employees trained in accordance with WAC 296-62-07310(5) shall have contents identification which includes the full chemical name and Chemical Abstracts Service Registry number as listed in WAC 296-62-07302.
(c) Containers shall have the warning words "CANCER-SUSPECT AGENT" displayed immediately under or adjacent to the contents identification.
(d) Containers which have carcinogenic contents with corrosive or irritating properties shall have label statements warning of such hazards, noting, if appropriate, particularly sensitive or affected portions of the body.
(3) Lettering. Lettering on signs and instructions required by WAC 296-62-07310(1) shall be a minimum letter height of two inches. Labels on containers required under this section shall not be less than one-half the size of the largest lettering on the package, and not less than eight point type in any instance: Provided, that no such required lettering need be more than one inch in height.
(4) Prohibited statements. No statements shall appear on or near any required sign, label, or instruction which contradicts or detracts from the effect of any required warning, information or instruction.
(5) Training and indoctrination.
(a) Each employee prior to being authorized to enter a regulated area, shall receive a training and indoctrination program including, but not necessarily limited to:
(i) The nature of the carcinogenic hazards of listed carcinogens, including local and systemic toxicity;
(ii) The specific nature of the operation involving carcinogens which could result in exposure;
(iii) The purpose for and application of the medical surveillance program, including, as appropriate, methods of self-examination;
(iv) The purpose for and application of decontamination practices and purposes;
(v) The purpose for and significance of emergency practices and procedures;
(vi) The employee's specific role in emergency procedures;
(vii) Specific information to aid the employee in recognition and evaluation of conditions and situations which may result in the release of listed carcinogens;
(viii) The purpose for and application of specific first-aid procedures and practices;
(ix) A review of this section at the employee's first training and indoctrination program and annually thereafter.
(b) Specific emergency procedures shall be prescribed, and posted, and employees, shall be familiarized with their terms, and rehearsed in their application.
(c) All materials relating to the program shall be provided upon request to the director.
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