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Hoistway gates.

(1) Hoistway gates may be constructed of wood slat, steel wire grill, expanded metal or solid material, providing all openings reject a two inch ball and resist a two hundred fifty pound horizontal thrust.
(a) Steel wire and expanded metal gates shall be of at least thirteen gauge steel.
(b) Wood slats must be not less than two inches wide and one-half inch thick, nominal size.
(c) Solid material shall be not less than one-eighth inch reinforced sheet steel or one-half inch plywood.
(2) Hoistway gates may be horizontal swinging, vertical or horizontal sliding or biparting gates.
(a) Hoistway gates shall extend the full width of the elevator car and from one inch above the landing floor to six feet or more above the floor.
(b) Horizontal swinging gates shall be prevented from swinging into hoistway.
(3) Gates shall be equipped with interlocks or mechanical locks and electric contacts designed so that hoistway gates cannot be opened when the car is away from the landing.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.040 and 49.17.050. WSR 86-03-064 (Order 86-02), § 296-56-60143, filed 1/17/86; WSR 85-01-022 (Order 84-24), § 296-56-60143, filed 12/11/84.]