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Chapter 296-400A WAC


WAC Sections

What definitions do I need to know to understand these rules?
Plumbing certificate types and scope of work.
How do I obtain a certificate of competency?
How do I obtain a medical gas piping installer endorsement?
What procedure is required for renewal of a journey level medical gas endorsement?
What process is required for renewal of plumber certificates of competency?
How should a person performing plumbing wear or visibly display their certification, trainee card, or endorsement?
Who approves medical gas piping installer endorsement training courses?
What training course approval procedures for medical gas will the department follow?
Where can I obtain information regarding department approved training course providers?
What are the requirements for continuing education and classroom training?
What is the implementation schedule for the continuing education course requirements?
Do I need a temporary permit?
How do I qualify for a temporary permit?
How do I obtain a temporary permit?
What is the duration of a temporary permit?
How can I be placed on inactive status?
What fees will I have to pay?
When does the advisory board of plumbers meet?
Can I work as a certified plumber in Washington without taking the Washington state plumbers' competency examination?
For certification purposes, how are "years of employment" computed and documented?
Does previous work experience count toward my trainee certificate?
What do I need to know about plumber trainee certificates?
What do I need to know about trainee experience and plumber examination requirements for the journey level and specialty plumber?
What if I make a false statement or a material misrepresentation on an application, an employment report or a trainee certificate?
How does the department enforce plumbers certification requirements?
May the department audit the records of a contractor?
Audit of trainee hours.
What procedures does the department follow when issuing a notice of infraction?
What are the monetary penalties for violating certification requirements?
What if I owe outstanding penalties related to a department issued plumber infraction?
If I am a certified backflow assembly maintenance and repair, journey level, or specialty plumber do I need to be a registered contractor under chapter 18.27 RCW?
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