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What are the general obligations of a provider who provides medical or mental health services to a crime victim?

(1) When treating a crime victim who comes under our jurisdiction, you agree to accept and comply with the department's rules and fees.
(a) All providers must comply with this chapter and the department's medical aid rules and fee schedules.
(b) Mental health providers must comply with this chapter, the department's medical aid rules and fee schedules, and the Crime Victims Compensation Programs Mental Health Treatment Rules and Fees.
(2) You must inform the victim of his or her rights under the Crime Victims Act and give whatever assistance is necessary for the victim to apply for compensation and provide proof of other matters required by our rules. Providers may not charge the victim for these services.
(3) Providers are urged to bill on a monthly basis. In order to be considered for payment, bills must be submitted within one year from the date of service, or the date of claim allowance. If private or public insurance exists, bills must be received within one year of the primary insurer's payment decision. You must attach a copy of the primary insurer's explanation of benefits when submitting your bill for payment consideration.
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