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Chapter 292-100 WAC


WAC Sections

Adoption of model rules of procedure.
Complaint proceduresStatus of complainant and others.
Complaint procedures.
Investigation of complaints.
Board staff referral of allegations.
Dismissal of complaints.
Complainant's request for review of executive director's dismissal order.
Board member's request for review of executive director's dismissal order.
Determination on reasonable cause.
Notice of hearingFiling of answer.
Investigation proceduresSubpoenas.
Informal settlementCases resolvable by stipulation.
Prehearing conferenceRule.
DiscoveryAuthority of presiding officer.
HearingsDiscoveryMethods authorized.
HearingsDiscoveryDepositions and interrogatoriesNotice.
Depositions and interrogatories in hearingsProtection of parties and deponents.
DiscoveryProduction of documents and use at hearing.
Conduct of hearings.
Review of initial orders by an administrative law judge.
A board member's request for review of initial orders.
Brief adjudicative proceedingAuthority.
Brief adjudicative proceedingProcedure.
Brief adjudicative proceedingAdministrative review procedures.
Reconsideration of final orders.
Effective date.
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