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284-58-025  <<  284-58-030 >>   284-58-033

General form and rate filing rules.

(1) Each credit, life or disability insurance form or rate filing must be submitted to the commissioner electronically using SERFF.
(a) Every form filed in SERFF must be attached to the form schedule.
(b) Filers must send all written correspondence related to a form or rate filing in SERFF.
(2) All filed forms must be legible for both the commissioner's review and retention as a public record. Filers must submit new or revised forms to the commissioner for review in final form displayed in ten-point or larger type.
(3) Filers must submit complete filings that comply with the SERFF Industry Manual available within the SERFF application and the Washington State SERFF Life and Disability Rate and Form Filing General Instructions posted on the commissioner's web site (
(4) Filers must submit separate filings for each type of insurance. This section does not apply to:
(a) Credit insurance filings made under RCW 48.34.040; or
(b) Group insurance where different types of insurance are incorporated into a single certificate.
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