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284-30-670  <<  284-30-700 >>   284-30-750

Restrictions as to denial and termination of homeowners insurance affected by day-care operations.

(1) Beginning August 1, 1985, pursuant to RCW 48.30.010, it shall be an unfair practice for any insurer transacting homeowners insurance to deny homeowners insurance to an applicant therefor, or to terminate any homeowners insurance policy covering a dwelling located in this state, whether by cancellation or nonrenewal, for the principal reason that an insured under such policy is engaged in the operation of a day care facility, pursuant to chapter 74.15 RCW, at the insured location.
(2) This rule does not prevent an insurer from excluding or limiting coverage with respect to liability or property losses arising out of business pursuits of an insured, specifically including those related to the operation of day care facilities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 85-17-018 (Order R 85-3), § 284-30-700, filed 8/12/85.]