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Permissible time limit for benefits payable because of accidental injury or death.

Beginning January 1, 1988, it shall be an unfair practice for any insurer to deliver a policy of insurance in this state which provides for benefits in case of accidental death or accidental injury, if it limits the benefits payable thereunder to losses occurring within a stated period of time after the accident, unless such period of time extends for at least one year from the time of the accident. In other words, benefits for accidental death or for covered expenses incurred because of an accidental injury shall be paid if the covered death occurs, or the covered services are incurred, within one year of the accident.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060, 48.44.050 and 48.46.200. WSR 87-09-071 (Order R 87-5), § 284-30-620, filed 4/21/87.]