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Last Update: 10/16/13

Chapter 246-922 WAC


WAC Sections

Scope of practice.
Board officers.
Approved schools of podiatric medicine.
Postgraduate podiatric medical training defined.
Eligibility for licensure.
Temporary practice permit.
Examination conduct.
Identification of licensees.
Reciprocity requirements.
Presumption of responsibility for advertisements.
AIDS prevention and information education requirements.
Advertisements prior to licensure prohibited.
Acts that may be delegated to an unlicensed person.
General provisions.
Mandatory reporting.
Health care institutions.
Podiatric medical associations or societies.
Health care service contractors and disability insurance carriers.
State and federal agencies.
Professional review organizations.
Malpractice suit reporting.
Professional and ethical standards.
Patient abandonment.
Prohibited transactions.
Prohibited publicity and advertising.
Soliciting patients.
Maintenance of patient records.
Inventory of legend drugs and controlled substances.
Retired active credential.
Inactive credential.
Expired license.
Podiatric continuing education required.
Categories of creditable podiatric continuing education activities.
Definitions used relative to substance abuse monitoring.
Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
Adjudicative proceedings.
Sexual misconduct.
Safe and effective analgesia and anesthesia administration in office-based settings.
Pain management—Intent.
Patient evaluation.
Treatment plan.
Informed consent.
Written agreement for treatment.
Periodic review.
Long-acting opioids, including methadone.
Episodic care.
Consultation—Recommendations and requirements.
Consultation—Exemptions for exigent and special circumstances.
Consultations—Exemptions for the podiatric physician.
Pain management specialist.
Podiatry fees and renewal cycle.