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Acts that may not be performed by registered dental assistants or noncredentialed persons.

No dentist shall allow registered dental assistants or noncredentialed persons who are in his or her employ or are acting under his or her supervision or direction to perform any of the following procedures:
(1) Any removal of or addition to the hard or soft natural tissue of the oral cavity.
(2) Any placing of permanent or semi-permanent restorations in natural teeth.
(3) Any diagnosis of or prescription for treatment of disease, pain, deformity, deficiency, injury, or physical condition of the human teeth or jaws, or adjacent structure.
(4) Any administration of general or local anesthetic, including intravenous sedation.
(5) Any oral prophylaxis, except coronal polishing as a part of oral prophylaxis as defined in WAC 246-817-510 and 246-817-520(8).
(6) Any scaling procedure.
(7) The taking of any impressions of the teeth or jaws, or the relationships of the teeth or jaws, for the purpose of fabricating any intra-oral restoration, appliances, or prosthesis. Not prohibited are the taking of impressions solely for diagnostic and opposing models or taking wax bites solely for study casts.
(8) Intra-orally adjust occlusal of inlays, crowns, and bridges.
(9) Intra-orally finish margins of inlays, crowns, and bridges.
(10) Cement or recement, permanently, any cast restoration or stainless steel crown.
(11) Incise gingiva or other soft tissue.
(12) Elevate soft tissue flap.
(13) Luxate teeth.
(14) Curette to sever epithelial attachment.
(15) Suture.
(16) Establish occlusal vertical dimension for dentures.
(17) Try-in of dentures set in wax.
(18) Insertion and post-insertion adjustments of dentures.
(19) Endodontic treatment—open, extirpate pulp, ream and file canals, establish length of tooth, and fill root canal.
(20) Use of any light or electronic device for invasive procedures.
(21) Intra-oral air abrasion or mechanical etching devices.
(22) Place direct pulp caps.
(23) Fit and adjust occlusal guards.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.260.120 and 18.32.0365. WSR 08-14-010, § 246-817-540, filed 6/19/08, effective 7/1/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.32.035. WSR 95-21-041, § 246-817-540, filed 10/10/95, effective 11/10/95.]
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