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Fluoridation of drinking water.

(1) Purveyors shall obtain written department approval of fluoridation treatment facilities before placing them in service.
(2) Where fluoridation is practiced, purveyors shall maintain fluoride concentrations in the range 0.8 through 1.3 mg/L throughout the distribution system.
(3) Where fluoridation is practiced, purveyors shall take the following actions to ensure that concentrations remain at optimal levels and that fluoridation facilities and monitoring equipment are operating properly:
(a) Daily monitoring.
(i) Take daily monitoring samples for each point of fluoride addition and analyze the fluoride concentration. Samples must be taken downstream from each fluoride injection point at the first sample tap where adequate mixing has occurred.
(ii) Record the results of daily analyses in a monthly report format acceptable to the department. A report must be made for each point of fluoride addition.
(iii) Submit monthly monitoring reports to the department within the first ten days of the month following the month in which the samples were collected.
(b) Monthly split sampling.
(i) Take a monthly split sample at the same location where routine daily monitoring samples are taken. A monthly split sample must be taken for each point of fluoride addition.
(ii) Analyze a portion of the sample and record the results on the lab sample submittal form and on the monthly report form.
(iii) Forward the remainder of the sample, along with the completed sample form to the state public health laboratory, or other state-certified laboratory, for fluoride analysis.
(iv) If a split sample is found by the certified lab to be:
(A) Not within the range of 0.8 to 1.3 mg/l, the purveyor's fluoridation process shall be considered out of compliance.
(B) Differing by more than 0.30 mg/l from the purveyor's analytical result, the purveyor's fluoride testing shall be considered out of control.
(4) Purveyors shall conduct analyses prescribed in subsection (3) of this section in accordance with procedures listed in the most recent edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.
(5) The purveyor may be required by the department to increase the frequency, and/or change the location of sampling prescribed in subsection (3) of this section to ensure the adequacy and consistency of fluoridation.
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