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Fees for licensing and compliance actions.

(1) In addition to the fee for each radioactive material license as described under WAC 246-254-070, 246-254-080, 246-254-090, and 246-254-100, a licensee shall pay a service fee for each additional licensing and compliance action as follows:
(a) For a second follow-up inspection, and each follow-up inspection thereafter, a fee of $162 per hour of direct staff time associated with the follow-up inspection, not to exceed $1,625 per follow-up inspection. Hours are calculated in half-hour increments.
(b) For each environmental cleanup monitoring visit, a fee of $162 per hour of direct staff time associated with the environmental cleanup monitoring visit, not to exceed $4,063 per visit. Hours are calculated in half-hour increments.
(c) For each new license application, the fee of $260 in addition to the required annual fee.
(d) For each sealed source and device evaluation, a fee of $162 per hour of direct staff time associated with each sealed source and device evaluation, not to exceed $4,875 per evaluation.
(e) For review of air emission and environmental programs and data collection and analysis of samples, and review of decommissioning activities by qualified staff in those work units, a fee of $162 per hour of direct staff time associated with the review. The fee does not apply to reviews conducted by the radioactive materials section staff and does not apply unless the review time would result in a special service charge exceeding ten percent of the licensee's annual fee.
(f) For expedited licensing review, a fee of $162 per hour of direct staff time associated with the review. This fee only applies when, by the mutual consent of licensee and affected staff, a licensing request is taken out of date order and processed by staff during nonwork hours and for which staff is paid overtime.
(2) The licensee or applicant shall pay any additional service fees at the time of application for a new license or within thirty days of the date of the billing for all other licensing and compliance actions.
(3) The department shall process an application only upon receipt of the new application fee and the annual fee.
(4) The department may take action to modify, suspend, or terminate the license or sealed source and device registration if the licensee fails to pay the fee for additional licensing and compliance actions billed by the department.
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