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Chapter 246-235 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose and scope.
Filing application for specific licenses.
General requirements for the issuance of specific licenses.
Issuance of specific licenses.
Expiration of licenses.
Renewal of license.
Precedence of license condition over regulation.
Amendment of licenses at request of licensee.
Agency action on applications to renew or amend.
Financial assurance and recordkeeping for decommissioning.
Special requirements for emergency planning.
Special requirements for possession and use of medical calibration and reference sources.
Special requirements for issuance of a specific license to initially transfer source material.
Conditions of licenses to initially transfer source material for use under general licenseQuality control, labeling, safety instructions, and reports and records.
Special requirements for issuance of specific licenses for industrial radiography.
Special requirements for issuance of a specific license for wireline services.
Special requirements for environmentally significant licensing actions.
Special requirements for specific licenses of broad scope.
Manufacture and distribution of industrial products containing depleted uranium under general license.
Manufacture, assembly or distribution of devices under general license.
Manufacture, assembly, or distribution of luminous safety devices, certain calibration sources or ice detectors under general license.
Manufacture and distribution of radioactive material for certain in vitro clinical or laboratory testing under general license.
Manufacture, production, preparation, or transfer of radiopharmaceuticals for medical use.
Manufacture and distribution of sources or devices containing radioactive material for medical use.
Prototype tests for manufacture of calibration or reference sources containing americium-241 or radium-226.
Manufacture, assembly or distribution of radioactive material exempt from regulation.
Serialization of nationally tracked sources.
Sealed source and device registration and inactivation.
Special requirements for issuance of specific licenses for source material milling.
Special requirements to report transactions involving nationally tracked sources.
Appendix—General laboratory rules for safe use of unsealed sources.
Schedule B, limits for broad licenses.
Schedule C—Quantities of radioactive materials requiring consideration of the need for an emergency plan for responding to a release.
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