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Chapter 246-221 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose and scope.
Radiation protection programs.
Occupational dose limits for adults.
Compliance with requirements for summation of external and internal doses.
Determination of prior occupational dose.
Requirements for planned special exposures.
Determination of internal exposure of individuals to concentrations of radioactive materials in restricted areas.
Occupational dose limits for minors.
Dose equivalent to an embryo/fetus.
Dose limits for individual members of the public.
Compliance with dose limits for individual members of the public.
Leak tests.
Personnel monitoring for external dose.
Personnel monitoring for internal dose.
Control of access to high radiation areas.
Control of access to very high radiation areas.
Control of access to very high radiation areas—Irradiators.
Use of process, engineering or other controls.
Use of individual respiratory protection equipment.
Caution signs, and labels.
Exceptions from posting and labeling requirements.
Instruction of personnel.
Security and control of radioactive material and radiation machines.
Procedures for picking up, receiving, and opening packages.
Waste disposal, general requirement.
Method of obtaining approval of proposed disposal procedures.
Disposal by release into sanitary sewerage systems.
Disposal by burial in soil.
Disposal by incineration.
Disposal of specific wastes.
Records important to radiation safety.
Reports of transactions involving nationally tracked sources.
Nationally tracked source thresholds.
Reports of stolen, lost or missing radiation sources.
Notification of incidents.
Reports of overexposures and excessive levels and concentrations.
Special reports to the department—Planned special exposures and leaking sources.
Vacating premises and release of equipment.
Notification of changes in a facility.
Notifications and reports to individuals.
Assigned protection factors for respiratorsa.
Appendix A—Annual limits on intake (ALI) and derived air concentrations (DAC) of radionuclides for occupational exposure; effluent concentrations; concentrations for release to sanitary sewerage.
Appendix B—Minimum quantities of radioactive material requiring labeling.
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