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(1) The department shall develop and distribute implementation guidelines for schools and child care centers that:
(a) Interpret immunization requirements by grade level consistent with the ages specified in the national immunization guidelines and this chapter; and
(b) Reflect national immunization guidelines for children who did not receive required immunizations prior to entry into kindergarten or first grade, and for whom a full series of immunizations is not recommended.
(2) The department may develop school implementation guidelines that waive or modify immunization requirements when a phasing-in period is warranted for a new immunization mandate, when there is limited availability of a required immunizing agent, or when new information about the safety or efficacy of an immunizing agent prompts a reevaluation of an existing vaccination requirement. Any waiver or modification must:
(a) Reflect the best available medical research as indicated by the ACIP or the state health officer recommendation;
(b) Identify a specific vaccine-preventable disease or immunizing agent;
(c) Identify a specific cohort of children by age or grade level;
(d) Be limited in duration; and
(e) Be approved by the board.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.210.140. WSR 09-02-003, § 246-105-090, filed 12/26/08, effective 1/26/09.]