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WAC 246-10-702

Final orders.

(1) The form and content of final orders shall be as follows:
(a) Final orders shall contain findings of fact, conclusions of law, and an order, and shall be signed by the presiding officer.
(b) Final orders may adopt by reference the initial order in whole or in part.
(c) Final orders may modify or revise the initial order in whole or in part.
(2) Final orders shall be served upon the parties and their representatives as provided in WAC 246-10-109.
(3) Final orders shall be issued following:
(a) A review of the record;
(b) A review of the initial order, if any;
(c) A review of any request for administrative review of the initial order and any response thereto; and
(d) Consideration of protection of the public health and welfare.
(4) Unless a later date is stated in the final order, final orders shall be effective when entered but a party shall not be required to comply with a final order until the order is served upon that party.
(5) Final orders may contain orders that specified portions of the agency record shall not be disclosed as public records if necessary to protect privacy interests, the public welfare, or vital governmental functions. Such orders shall include but are not limited to protective orders issued during the proceeding or pursuant to WAC 246-10-405.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040. WSR 94-04-079, § 246-10-702, filed 1/31/94, effective 3/3/94; WSR 93-13-005 (Order 369), § 246-10-702, filed 6/3/93, effective 7/4/93.]
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