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Title 222 WAC



Practices and procedures.
State Environmental Policy Act guidelines.
Policy and organization.
Application and notification procedures.
Small forest landowner forestry riparian easement program.
Watershed analysis.
Rivers and habitat open space program.
Road construction and maintenance.
Timber harvesting.
Forest chemicals.
Supplemental directives.
Consultation and enforcement.
Relationship to other laws and regulations.
Reviser's note: Title 222A WAC, being the 1975 interim forest practices rules, was adopted by the department of natural resources under chapters 34.04 and 76.09 RCW and the Forest Practices Act of 1974, as amended. The rules in Title 222A WAC were filed in the office of the code reviser by Emergency Order 225, filed December 31, 1974; Permanent Order 226, filed February 28, 1975; Emergency Order 236, filed July 23, 1975; Emergency and Permanent Order 247, filed October 10, 1975; and Emergency Order 248, filed October 20, 1975. These rules were repealed by the department of natural resources by Order 273, filed February 22, 1977, and the permanent rules adopted by the forest practices board are published as Title 222 WAC.
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