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Open record hearing.

"Open record hearing" means a hearing held under chapter 36.70B RCW and conducted by a single hearing body or officer authorized by the county/city to conduct such hearings, that creates the county's/city's record through testimony and submission of evidence and information, under procedures prescribed by the county/city by ordinance or resolution. An open record hearing may be held prior to a county's/city's decision on a project permit to be known as an "open record predecision hearing." An open record hearing may be held on an appeal, to be known as an "open record appeal hearing," if no open record predecision hearing has been held on the project permit. (RCW 36.70B.020(3).)
[Statutory Authority: 1995 c 347 (ESHB 1724) and RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 97-21-030 (Order 95-16), § 197-11-775, filed 10/10/97, effective 11/10/97.]