Chapter 194-37 WAC

Last Update: 1/24/14


WAC Sections

Purpose and scope.
Documentation and auditing timelines.
Conservation reporting requirements.
Development of conservation potential and biennial conservation targets.
Documentation of conservation savings.
Documentation of conservation savings from high-efficiency cogeneration.
Additional documentation of efficiency from distribution system loss reduction improvements, including peak demand management and voltage regulation.
Additional documentation of improved efficiency from production facilities.
Renewable resource energy reporting.
Documentation of renewable energy achievement.
Documentation of incremental hydropower.
Documentation of multifuel biomass energy and qualified biomass energy.
Documentation of renewable resource financial path for no-load growth utilities.
Financial documentation of annual revenue requirement.
Documentation of financial cost cap—Current information and timeline.
Documentation for financial path—Levelization of costs.
Documentation of financial path—Delivered cost.
Documentation of financial path—Substitute resource and resource equivalence.
Financial documentation path using renewable energy credits.
Renewable energy credit tracking system.