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Contract of accountability.

(1) The student conduct administrator may work with any respondent who acknowledges responsibility for engaging in prohibited conduct to identify the resolution and sanction(s). If an agreement is reached, the resolution and sanction(s) will be contained in a written contract of accountability signed by both the respondent and the student conduct administrator.
(2) A respondent who enters into a contract of accountability will comply with the resolution and sanction(s) set forth in the contract and will have no further right of appeal under the code. A respondent's failure to comply with a contract of accountability may be the basis for a separate violation of misconduct under the code and may result in the student conduct administrator issuing a conduct hold. The conduct hold will remain in effect until such time that the student satisfactorily completes all of the requirements of the contract of accountability. If a complaint alleges sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or physical abuse, the complainant is to be informed of the contract of accountability.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120. WSR 12-03-040, § 174-123-140, filed 1/10/12, effective 2/10/12.]