Last Update: 9/6/06

Chapter 173-153 WAC


WAC Sections

What are the purpose and authority of this chapter?
To what does this chapter apply?
How are terms defined in this rule?
How is a water conservancy board created?
How are water conservancy board commissioners and alternates appointed and the length of their terms determined?
How can a board's authority be revoked or the board dissolved?
What is the process for restructuring a board?
What are the training requirements for board commissioners and alternates?
What is the scope of authority of a water conservancy board?
What does an applicant need to know about filing an application for transfer of a water right?
What public notice is given on a water right transfer application before a board?
How can protests and letters of concern or support on a water right transfer application be submitted to a board?
How does a water conservancy board operate?
What is involved in the examination of an application before a board?
What assistance is available to water conservancy boards?
How are records of decision and reports of examination made by a water conservancy board?
What is the process for notifying parties of a record of decision and report of examination?
What is ecology's review process of a board's record of decision?
When is a board-approved water right transfer that has been affirmed by ecology complete?
What are a board's reporting requirements?
What actions may be appealed under this chapter?
Existing rights are not affected.
Will ecology review this chapter in the future to determine if changes are necessary?