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Required inquiries.

An employer or employment agency may ask applicants about protected status to the extent that the employer is required to do so by the Washington state or the United States government or a federal or state court decree. When the applicant data are required by the court or government, the information shall be acquired by means other than inquiry to the applicants, unless the court or government expressly requires the inquiries or unless the inquiries are made in conformity with WAC 162-12-160 and 162-12-170.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3). WSR 00-01-177, § 162-12-150, filed 12/21/99, effective 1/21/00; WSR 96-21-054, § 162-12-150, filed 10/14/96, effective 11/14/96; Order 16, § 162-12-150, filed 5/22/74; Order 9, § 162-12-150, filed 9/23/71; § 162-12-150, filed 10/23/67.]