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(1) Motion. Within ten days after being served with the final order of an administrative law judge, any party may serve and file a motion for reconsideration with the commission clerk. The motion shall identify the points that the party desires to have reconsidered and shall fully state the reasons for reconsideration. The motion shall in all other respects proceed as provided in RCW 34.05.470.
(2) Finality for appeal. When a motion for reconsideration has been filed, the order of the administrative law judge shall not be deemed final for purposes of appeal until the ruling on the motion has been served.
(3) Reconsideration not necessary for appeal. Motions for reconsideration should be made only when a party feels that the administrative law judge has overlooked or misunderstood something. It is not necessary to file a motion for reconsideration in order to appeal. RCW 34.05.470(5).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3). WSR 89-23-020, § 162-08-311, filed 11/7/89, effective 12/8/89; Order 35, § 162-08-311, filed 9/2/77; Order 7, § 162-08-311, filed 1/19/68.]
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