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Title 137 WAC



Public recordsDisclosure.
One-time impact funds available to qualifying political subdivisions.
Sale of products and services of vocational education students.
Special drug sentencing alternative revocation hearings.
Serious violationsTotal and partial confinement facilities.
Earned release time.
PrisonsAdministrative segregation and intensive management.
Adult correctional institutionsInmate personal property.
Inmate mail and communications.
Resident of adult correctional institution escorted leave of absence.
Inmate marriagesAdult correctional facilities.
Adult correctional institutionsAcquisition of personal hygiene items.
Community residential programs, work/training release.
Selecting contractors for and siting of community residential programs (work/training release facilities).
Guideline for implementing the State Environmental Policy Act.
Adult correctional institutionsRelease programsFurlough.
Cost of supervisionSupervision intake fee.
Transfer of citizens of foreign countries.
Adult probation and paroleInterstate compact.
Adult offender supervisionInterstate compact.
Reimbursement for criminal justice costs and contingency plan expenses.
Jail and medical cost reimbursement to cities and counties.
Employee assault benefits.
Sexual misconduct by state employees, contractors.
Correctional industries and programs.
Adult correctional institutionsMedical careHealth care.
Prerelease programs.
Occupational exposure to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
Community custody violation hearings.
Access to mental health records.
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