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Last Update: 10/30/95

Chapter 106-140 WAC


WAC Sections

Business sales.
Business sales—Restrictions.
Advertising—Advertising in recognized student and faculty publications.
Advertising—Advertising on bulletin boards.
Advertising rates—Student publications.
Advertising rates—KCAT radio station.
Gallery art display.
Publicity and literature—Outdoor signs.
Publicity and literature—Bulletin boards.
Publicity and literature—Personal "for sale" notices.
Publicity and literature—Free dissemination of literature.
Publicity and literature—Use of tables.
Publicity and literature—Commercial advertising prohibited.
Selling on campus.
Soliciting and selling of published materials.
Soliciting and selling of published materials—Exceptions.
Soliciting and selling of published materials—Prohibitions.
Telephone services—Long distance calls.
Telephone services—Requests for repairs.
Telephone services—Approval of installations.
Telephone services—Right to restrict or modify services.
Motor pool—University vehicles—University personnel.
Motor pool—University vehicles—Student personnel.
Prohibition of smoking.
Building key—Authority to issue.
Responsibility for expenses resulting from failure to return keys.
Keys—Transferring/loaning prohibited.
Failure to return keys to lock shop—Penalties.
University bookstore—Packages.
University bookstore—Sales restrictions.
Use of university mailing and stationery services.
Facilities scheduling and use.
Use of facilities for campaign purposes.
Use of facilities for campaign purposes—Requirements.
Available space—Prohibition.
Available space—Limitations.
Entertainment policy.
Entertainment defined.
Entertainment—Approval required.
Entertainment—Damages bond—Responsibilities of sponsor.
Festivals prohibited.
Authority of athletic director to administer athletic events.
Authority of vice-president for student affairs to administer recreation program.
Authority of academic departments to administer their sponsored public events.