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Chapter 31.04 RCW

(Formerly Industrial loan companies)

RCW Sections

31.04.025Application of chapter.
31.04.027Violations of chapter.
31.04.035License required--When violation occurs.
31.04.045License -- Application -- Background checks -- Fee -- Surety bond.
31.04.055License -- Director's duties.
31.04.065License -- Information contained.
31.04.075Licensee -- Place of business.
31.04.085Licensee -- Assessment -- Bond -- Time of payment.
31.04.093Licensing -- Applications -- Regulation of licensees--Director's duties and authority -- Fines -- Orders -- Statute of limitations.
31.04.102Loans secured, or not secured, by lien on real property -- Licensee's obligations -- Disclosure of fees and costs to borrower -- Time limits.
31.04.105Licensee -- Powers -- Restrictions.
31.04.115Open-end loan -- Requirements -- Restrictions -- Options.
31.04.125Loan restrictions -- Interest calculations.
31.04.135Advertisements or promotions.
31.04.143Subpoena authority -- Application -- Contents -- Notice -- Fees.
31.04.145Investigations and examinations -- Director's duties and powers -- Production of information -- Costs.
31.04.155Licensee -- Recordkeeping -- Director's access -- Report requirement -- Failure to report.
31.04.165Director -- Broad administrative discretion -- Rule making--Actions in superior court.
31.04.168Director -- Powers under chapter 19.144 RCW.
31.04.175Violations -- No penalty prescribed -- Gross misdemeanor -- Good faith exception.
31.04.185Repealed sections of law -- Rules adopted under.
31.04.202Application of administrative procedure act.
31.04.205Enforcement of chapter -- Director's discretion -- Hearing -- Sanctions.
31.04.208Application of consumer protection act.
31.04.211Application of chapter -- 2009 c 120.
31.04.221Mortgage loan originator -- License required -- Unique identifier required.
31.04.224Licensing exemptions -- Residential mortgage loans.
31.04.227Mortgage loan origination -- Independent contractors.
31.04.231Individual loan processor -- Licensing exemptions.
31.04.234Mortgage loan originator license -- Application form and content.
31.04.237Use of nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry.
31.04.241Mortgage loan originator application -- Required submission and use of personal information.
31.04.244Mortgage loan originator application -- Required information -- Fees.
31.04.247Issuance of mortgage loan originator license -- Necessary findings.
31.04.251Mortgage loan originator license -- Renewal -- Surrender -- Rules.
31.04.254Mortgage loan originator licensing process -- Rules -- Interim procedures.
31.04.257Mortgage loan originator interim license.
31.04.261Mortgage loan originator -- Prelicensing education requirements.
31.04.264Mortgage loan originator -- Testing requirements.
31.04.267Mortgage loan originator -- Continuing education requirements.
31.04.271Mortgage loan originators -- System information may be challenged.
31.04.274Information provided to nationwide mortgage licensing system and registry -- Confidentiality -- Restrictions on sharing.
31.04.277Consumer loan companies -- When reports of condition are required.
31.04.281Reports of violation -- 2009 c 120.
31.04.284Mortgage loan originator -- Unique identifier -- Display.
31.04.290Residential mortgage loan servicer -- Requirements -- Written detailed information.
31.04.293Residential mortgage loan modification services -- Written disclosure summary -- Limitation on fees -- Rules.
31.04.297Third-party residential mortgage loan modification services providers -- Duties -- Restrictions.
31.04.500Short title.
31.04.510Requirements of licensee -- Minimum capital -- Exceptions.
31.04.515Loan requirements -- Compliance -- Rules.
31.04.520Right to rescind transaction.
31.04.525Preapproval required from department of financial institutions -- Application of section -- Rules.
31.04.530Required notice to prospective borrower about counseling -- Form -- Contents -- Annual disclosure statements -- Property appraisals.
31.04.535Lender default -- Treble damages -- Civil remedies.
31.04.540Loan advances -- Eligibility and benefits under means-tested programs -- Subject to federal law.
31.04.900Severability -- 1991 c 208.
31.04.901Short title.
31.04.902Effective dates, implementation -- 1991 c 208.
31.04.903Effective date -- 2009 c 120.
31.04.904Effective date -- 2010 c 35.

Business license system exemption: RCW 19.02.800.

Department of financial institutions: Chapter 43.320 RCW.