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9A.44.143  <<  9A.44.145 >>   9A.44.148

RCW 9A.44.145

Notification to offenders of changed requirements and ability to petition for relief from registration.

(1) The state patrol shall notify:
(a) Registered sex and kidnapping offenders of any change to the registration requirements; and
(b) No less than annually, an offender having a duty to register under RCW 9A.44.143 for a sex offense or kidnapping offense committed when the offender was a juvenile of their ability to petition for relief from registration as provided in RCW 9A.44.140.
(2) For economic efficiency, the state patrol may combine the notices in this section into one notice.
[2010 c 267 § 8; 2009 c 210 § 1; 1998 c 139 § 2.]
Application2010 c 267: See note following RCW 9A.44.128.