Chapter 9A.36 RCW


RCW Sections

9A.36.011Assault in the first degree.
9A.36.021Assault in the second degree.
9A.36.031Assault in the third degree.
9A.36.041Assault in the fourth degree.
9A.36.045Drive-by shooting.
9A.36.050Reckless endangerment.
9A.36.060Promoting a suicide attempt.
9A.36.078Malicious harassment -- Finding.
9A.36.080Malicious harassment -- Definition and criminal penalty.
9A.36.083Malicious harassment -- Civil action.
9A.36.090Threats against governor or family.
9A.36.100Custodial assault.
9A.36.120Assault of a child in the first degree.
9A.36.130Assault of a child in the second degree.
9A.36.140Assault of a child in the third degree.
9A.36.150Interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.
9A.36.160Failing to summon assistance.
9A.36.161Failing to summon assistance -- Penalty.