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Chapter 90.46 RCW


RCW Sections

90.46.005Findings -- Coordination of efforts -- Development of facilities encouraged.
90.46.015Rules -- Coordination with department of health -- Consultation with advisory committee.
90.46.020Interim standards for pilot projects for use of reclaimed water.
90.46.030Standards, procedures, and guidelines for industrial and commercial use of reclaimed water -- Reclaimed water permits -- Fee structure for permits -- Formal agreements between the departments of health and ecology.
90.46.040Standards, procedures, and guidelines for land applications of reclaimed water.
90.46.042Standards, procedures, and guidelines for direct recharge.
90.46.044Standards, procedures, and guidelines for discharge to wetlands.
90.46.050Advisory committee -- Development of standards, procedures, and guidelines.
90.46.070Exemption from standards, procedures, and guidelines.
90.46.072Conflict resolution -- Reclaimed water projects and chapter 372-32 WAC.
90.46.080Use of reclaimed water for surface percolation -- Establishment of discharge limit for contaminants.
90.46.090Use of reclaimed water for discharge into constructed beneficial use wetlands and constructed treatment wetlands -- Standards for discharge.
90.46.100Discharge of reclaimed water for streamflow augmentation.
90.46.110Reclaimed water demonstration program -- Demonstration projects.
90.46.120Use of water from wastewater treatment facility -- Consideration in regional water supply plan or potable water supply plans -- Consideration in reviewing provisions for water supplies for short plat, short subdivision, or subdivision -- Report to the legislature.
90.46.130Impairment of water rights downstream from freshwater discharge points.
90.46.140Greywater reuse -- Standards, procedures, and guidelines -- Rules.
90.46.150Agricultural industrial process water -- Permit -- Use -- Referral to department of health.
90.46.160Industrial reuse water -- Permit.
90.46.200Authority of the departments of ecology and health -- Lead agency -- Duties.
90.46.210Lead agency -- Authority to bring legal proceeding.
90.46.230Right to enter and inspect property related to the purpose of the permit -- Administrative search warrant.
90.46.240Plans, reports, specifications, and proposed methods of operation and maintenance to be submitted to departments.
90.46.250Violation of chapter -- Notification -- Immediate action.
90.46.270Violations -- Civil penalty -- Procedure.
90.46.280Application of administrative procedure act to chapter.