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RCW 9.96A.060

Exclusion—Employees dealing with children or vulnerable persons.

This chapter is not applicable to the department of social and health services when employing a person, who in the course of his or her employment, has or may have unsupervised access to any person who is under the age of eighteen, who is under the age of twenty-one and has been sentenced to a term of confinement under the supervision of the department of social and health services under chapter 13.40 RCW, who is a vulnerable adult under chapter 74.34 RCW, or who is a vulnerable person. For purposes of this section "vulnerable person" means an adult of any age who lacks the functional, mental, or physical ability to care for himself or herself.
[2001 c 296 § 2.]
Intent2001 c 296: "It is the intent of the legislature to authorize the department of social and health services to investigate the background of current and future department employees to the same extent and with the same effect as it has authorized the state to investigate the background and exclude from the provision of service current and future care providers, contractors, volunteers, and others. The department of social and health services must coordinate with the department of personnel to develop rules that address the procedures for undertaking background checks, and specifically what action would be taken against a current employee who is disqualified from his or her current position because of a background check not previously performed." [2001 c 296 § 1.]