Chapter 9.46 RCW
Legislative declaration.
"Amusement game."
"Bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization."
"Commercial stimulant."
"Contest of chance."
"Fishing derby."
"Fund-raising event."
"Gambling device."
"Gambling information."
"Gambling premises."
"Gambling record."
"Member," "bona fide member."
"Professional gambling."
"Punchboards," "pull-tabs."
"Social card game."
"Thing of value."
"Whoever," "person."
Dice or coin contests for music, food, or beverage payment.
Charitable, nonprofit organizationsAuthorized gambling activities.
RafflesNo license required, when.
Bingo, raffles, amusement gamesNo license required, when.
Enhanced rafflesAuthority of commissionReport, recommendations.
Social card games, punchboards, pull-tabs authorized.
Amusement games authorizedMinimum rules.
Sports pools authorized.
Golfing sweepstakes authorized.
Bowling sweepstakes authorized.
Social card, dice gamesUse of premises of charitable, nonprofit organizations.
Promotional contests of chance authorized.
Turkey shoots authorized.
Greyhound racing prohibited.
Gambling commissionMembersAppointmentVacancies, filling.
Gambling commissionChairQuorumMeetingsCompensation and travel expensesBondRemoval.
Gambling commissionCounselAuditsPayment for.
Gambling commissionPowers and duties.
Charitable or nonprofit organizationsSharing facilities.
Information for pathological gamblersFee increases.
Pathological gambling behaviorWarning.
Gambling commissionDenial, suspension, or revocation of license, permitOther provisions not applicable.
Gambling commissionVacation of certain suspensions upon payment of monetary penalty.
Gambling commissionAdministratorStaffRules and regulationsService contracts.
Gambling commissionMembers and employeesActivities prohibited.
Gambling commissionReports.
Gambling commissionProceedings against, jurisdictionImmunity from liability.
Gambling revolving fundCreatedReceiptsDisbursementsUse.
Taxation of gambling activitiesLimitationsRestrictions on punchboards and pull-tabsLien.
Taxation of gambling activitiesDisbursement.
Fees on pull-tab and punchboard sales.
Restrictions on management or operation personnelRestriction on leased premises.
Inspection and audit of premises, paraphernalia, books, and recordsReports for the commission.
Gambling commissionInvestigationsInspectionsHearing and subpoena powerAdministrative law judges.
InjunctionsVoiding of licenses, permits, or certificates.
Applicants and licenseesResponsibilities and dutiesWaiver of liabilityInvestigation statement as privileged.
Applicants and licenseesBribes to public officials, employees, agentsPenalty.
Applicants, licensees, operatorsCommission approval for hiring certain persons.
Conducting activity without license.
False or misleading entries or statements, refusal to produce records.
Causing person to violate chapter.
Causing person to violate rule or regulation.
Violations relating to fraud or deceit.
Cities and townsOrdinance enacting certain sections of chapterLimitationsPenalties.
Cities and townsOrdinance adopting certain sections of chapterJurisdiction of courts.
Obstruction of public servantPenalty.
Cheating in the first degree.
Cheating in the second degree.
Working in gambling activity without license as violationPenalty.
Action for money damages due to violationsInterestAttorneys' feesEvidence for exoneration.
EnforcementCommission as a law enforcement agency.
Officers designated with police powers authorized to take action to prevent physical injury to person or substantial damage to propertyImmunity from civil liabilityException.
Ownership or interest in gambling devicePenaltyExceptions.
Gambling recordsPenaltyExceptions.
Professional gambling in the first degree.
Professional gambling in the second degree.
Professional gambling in the third degree.
Professional gamblingPenalties not applicable to authorized activities.
Gambling activities by persons under age eighteen prohibitedPenaltiesJurisdictionIn-house controlled purchase programs authorized.
Gambling devices, real and personal propertySeizure and forfeiture.
Slot machines, antiqueDefenses concerningPresumption created.
Gambling information, transmitting or receiving.
Gambling property or premisesCommon nuisances, abatementTermination of interests, licensesEnforcement.
Proof of possession as evidence of knowledge of its character.
Taxing authority, exclusive.
Licensing and regulation authority, exclusive.
State lottery exemption.
Fishing derbies exempted.
Licenses, scope of authorityException.
Licenses and reportsPublic inspectionExceptions and requirementsCharges.
Licenses for manufacture, sale, distribution, or supply of gambling devices.
Civil action to collect fees, interest, penalties, or taxWrit of attachmentRecords as evidence.
Indian tribesCompact negotiation process.
Tribal actionsFederal jurisdiction.
Wildlife raffle.
Use of public assistance electronic benefit cards prohibitedLicensee to report violationsSuspension of license.
RCW 9.46.410 to be negotiated with Indian tribes.
Intent1987 c 4.
Construction1987 c 4.
Intent1994 c 218.
State lottery commissionSale of tickets or sharesOther law inapplicable: RCW 67.70.210.
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