Chapter 9.41 RCW
Terms defined.
Unlawful possession of firearmsOwnership, possession by certain personsRestoration of right to possessPenalties.
ChildrenPermissible firearm possession.
Possession by offenders.
Restoration of possession rights.
Carrying firearms.
Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms.
Correctional employeesEffect of exemption from firearms restrictionsLiability limited.
Concealed pistol licenseApplicationFeeRenewal.
Concealed pistol licenseReciprocity.
Concealed pistol licenseRevocation.
Delivery to ineligible persons.
Dealer deliveries regulatedHold on delivery.
Licensed dealer deliveriesBackground checks.
Waiver of confidentiality.
Supplying information on persons purchasing pistols or applying for concealed pistol licenses.
Officials and agenciesImmunity, writ of mandamus.
Forfeiture of firearmsDispositionConfiscation.
Dealer licensing and registration required.
Dealer's licenses, by whom granted, conditions, feesEmployees, fingerprinting and background checksWholesale sales exceptedPermits prohibited.
Firearm sales or transfersBackground checksRequirementsExceptions.
Firearm sales or transfersDenial of application reportDealer's duties.
PenaltiesViolations of RCW 9.41.113.
Firearms as loan security.
Out-of-state purchasing.
Purchasing by nonresidents.
Recordkeeping requirements.
Verification of licenses and registrationNotice to federal government.
Department of licensing, authority to adopt rulesReporting of violationsAuthority to revoke licenses.
Alteration of identifying marksExceptions.
Alien possession of firearmsRequirementsPenalty.
Alien possession of firearmsAlien firearm licensePolitical subdivisions may not modify requirementsPenalty for false statement.
Alien possession of firearmsPossession without licenseConditions.
Coyote getters.
Unlawful firearmsExceptions.
Unlawful firearms and parts contraband.
Use of machine gun in felonyPenalty.
Aiming or discharging firearms, dangerous weapons.
Possession of pistol by person from eighteen to twenty-one.
Dangerous weaponsPenalty.
Dangerous weaponsApplication of restrictions to law enforcement, firefighting, rescue, and military personnel.
Dangerous exhibitions.
Weapons apparently capable of producing bodily harmUnlawful carrying or handlingPenaltyExceptions.
Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilitiesPenaltyExceptions.
State preemption.
Weapons prohibited in certain placesLocal laws and ordinancesExceptionsPenalty.
Information pamphlet.
Felony firearm offendersDetermination of registration.
Duty to registerRequirements.
Failure to register as felony firearm offender.
Return of privately owned firearm by law enforcement agencyNotification to family or household memberExceptionExemption from public disclosureCivil liabilityLiability for request based on false information.
Return of privately owned firearm or concealed pistol license by law enforcement agencyDutiesNoticeException.
Voluntary waiver of firearm rightsProcedurePenaltyExemption from public disclosure.
Voluntary waiver of firearm rightsFormAvailability.
Surrender of weapons or licensesProhibition on future possession or licensing.
Proof of surrender and receipt pattern formDeclaration of nonsurrender pattern formAdministrative office of the courts to develop.
Proof of surrender and receipt form, declaration of nonsurrender formRequirement to file with clerk of the court.
Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in vehicle: RCW 77.15.460.
Explosives: Chapter 70.74 RCW.
Possessing a stolen firearm: RCW 9A.56.310.
Shooting firearm from, across, or along public highway: RCW 77.15.460.
Theft of a firearm: RCW 9A.56.300.
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