Chapter 86.16 RCW

(Formerly Flood control zones by state)

RCW Sections

86.16.010Statement of policy -- State control assumed.
86.16.020Floodplain management regulation.
86.16.025Authority of department.
86.16.031Duties of the department of ecology.
86.16.035Department of ecology -- Control of dams and obstructions.
86.16.041Floodplain management ordinances and amendments -- Filing with the department of ecology -- Disapproval by the department -- Adoption of rules for repair or replacement of existing residential structures.
86.16.045Adoption of ordinances or requirements that exceed minimum federal requirements.
86.16.051Basis for state and local floodplain management.
86.16.061Adoption of rules.
86.16.071Chapter not to create liability for damages against the state.
86.16.081Enforcement of chapter -- Civil penalty -- Review by pollution control hearings board or local legislative authority.
86.16.120Flood damages defined.
86.16.150Severability -- 1935 c 159.
86.16.160Local programs not prevented.
86.16.180Processing of permits and authorizations for emergency water withdrawal and facilities to be expedited.
86.16.190Livestock flood sanctuary areas.
86.16.900Chapter liberally construed.