Chapter 84.52 RCW
Taxes levied or voted in specific amountsEffect of constitutional and statutory limitations.
Calculation of tax levy rates when the assessment of highly valued property is in dispute.
City and district budgets to be filed with county legislative authority.
Budgets of taxing districts filed with county commissioners to indicate estimate of cash balance.
Time of levy.
Levies to be made on assessed valuation.
Limitations upon regular property tax levies.
Limitations upon regular property tax leviesParticipating fire protection jurisdictions.
Limitation of levies.
Rules for administration.
Excess levies authorizedWhenProcedure.
Levies by school districts authorizedWhenProcedure.
Levies by school districtsMaximum dollar amount for maintenance and operation supportRestrictionsMaximum levy percentageLevy reduction fundsRules.
Excess leviesBallot contentsEventual dollar rate on tax rolls.
Excess levies for capital purposes authorized.
School districts with high/nonhigh relationship.
Rural library district levies.
State levy for support of common schools.
State levy for support of common schoolsDisposition of funds.
Emergency medical care and service levies.
Certification of levies to assessor.
Extension of taxes on rollsForm of certificateDelivery to treasurer.
Property tax errors.
Affordable housing levies authorizedDeclaration of emergency and plan required.
Metropolitan park districtsProtection of levy from prorationingBallot proposition.
Fire protection districts and regional fire protection service authoritiesProtection from levy prorationing.
Fire protection district excess levies.
County levy for criminal justice purposes.
Additional regular property tax levy authorized.
County airport district levy authorized.
Mosquito control district levies authorized.
Rural county library district levy authorized.
Intercounty rural library district levy authorized.
Reduction of city levy if part of library district.
Island library district levy authorized.
Levy by receiver of disincorporated city authorized.
Second-class city levies.
Unclassified city sewer fund levy authorized.
City accident fund levy authorized.
City emergency fund levy authorized.
City lowlands and waterway projects levy authorized.
Metropolitan municipal corporation levy authorized.
Metropolitan park district levy authorized.
Code city accident fund levy authorized.
County lands assessment fund levy authorized.
General county levy authorized.
County rail district tax levies authorized.
Solid waste disposal districtExcess levies authorized.
County hospital maintenance levy authorized.
Park and recreation service area levies authorized.
Park and recreation district levies authorized.
County road fund levy authorized.
Road and bridge service district levies authorized.
City firemen's pension fund levy authorized.
Reduction of city levy if part of fire protection district.
Fire protection district levies authorized.
Port district levies authorized.
Public utility district levy authorized.
Water-sewer district levies authorized.
Cultural arts, stadium and convention district tax levies authorized.
Cemetery district levy authorized.
Public hospital district levy authorized.
Air pollution control agency levy authorized.
Veteran's relief fund levy authorized.
Acquisition of open space, etc., land or rights to future development by certain entitiesProperty tax levy authorized.
River improvement fund levy authorized.
Intercounty river control agreement levy authorized.
Flood control zone district levy authorized.
Flood control zoneProrationing protection.
Irrigation and rehabilitation district special assessment authorized.
Reclamation district levy authorized.
Property tax.
Levy for tax refund funds.
Tax preferencesExpiration dates.
Levy for refunds: RCW 84.68.040.
Levy for services for persons with developmental disabilities or mental health services: RCW 71.20.110.
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