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RCW 80.04.095

Protection of records containing commercial information.

Records, subject to chapter 42.56 RCW, filed with the commission or the attorney general from any person which contain valuable commercial information, including trade secrets or confidential marketing, cost, or financial information, or customer-specific usage and network configuration and design information, shall not be subject to inspection or copying under chapter 42.56 RCW: (1) Until notice to the person or persons directly affected has been given; and (2) if, within ten days of the notice, the person has obtained a superior court order protecting the records as confidential. The court shall determine that the records are confidential and not subject to inspection and copying if disclosure would result in private loss, including an unfair competitive disadvantage. When providing information to the commission or the attorney general, a person shall designate which records or portions of records contain valuable commercial information. Nothing in this section shall prevent the use of protective orders by the commission governing disclosure of proprietary or confidential information in contested proceedings.
[2005 c 274 § 358; 1987 c 107 § 1.]
Part headings not lawEffective date2005 c 274: See RCW 42.56.901 and 42.56.902.