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Chapter 8.20 RCW


RCW Sections

8.20.005Condemnation final actions -- Notice requirements.
8.20.010Petition for appropriation -- Contents.
8.20.020Notice -- Contents -- Service -- Publication.
8.20.060Adjournment of proceedings -- Further notice.
8.20.070Adjudication of public use or private way of necessity.
8.20.080Trial, how conducted.
8.20.090Judgment -- Decree of appropriation -- Recording.
8.20.100Payment of damages -- Effect -- Appellate review.
8.20.110Claimants, payment of -- Conflicting claims.
8.20.120Appellate review.
8.20.130Prosecution of work pending appeal -- Bond.
8.20.140Appropriation of railway right-of-way through canyon, pass, or defile.
8.20.150Prior entry with consent -- Condemnation avoids ouster.
8.20.160Three-year occupancy -- Condemnation avoids ouster.
8.20.170Suit for compensation by owner equivalent to condemnation.

Additional provisions relating to eminent domain proceedings: Chapter 8.25 RCW.

Appointment of guardian ad litem for minors, incapacitated persons: RCW 8.25.270.

Corporations, certain types: RCW 81.36.010.

Corporations conveying water: RCW 90.16.100.

Easements over public lands: Chapter 79.36 RCW.

Electric light and power companies: RCW 80.32.060 through 80.32.080.

Eminent domain affecting corporations other than municipal: State Constitution Art. 12 § 10.

Gas and oil pipelines: RCW 81.88.020.

Grade crossing eliminations, appropriation for: RCW 81.53.180.

Mining companies: RCW 78.04.010.

Railroad companies, appropriation by: RCW 81.36.010.

Railroads, rights-of-way: RCW 81.53.180.

State university -- Rights-of-way to railroads: RCW 28B.20.330.

Street and electric railroads: RCW 81.64.040.

Telecommunications companies: RCW 80.36.010, State Constitution Art. 12 § 19.

Underground natural gas storage: RCW 80.40.030, 80.40.040.

Water power companies: RCW 90.16.030.