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Chapter 78.56 RCW


RCW Sections

78.56.030Operations subject to this chapter and other requirements.
78.56.040Disclosures required with state environmental policy act checklist -- Public inspection of information.
78.56.050Environmental impact statement required -- Mitigation measures to be part of permit requirements -- Department of ecology to cooperate with affected local governments.
78.56.060Metals mining coordinator to be appointed -- Duties.
78.56.070Quarterly inspections by responsible state agencies required -- Cross-training and coordination of inspections encouraged.
78.56.080Estimate of costs by department of ecology and department of natural resources -- Fee on operations to be established by department of ecology.
78.56.090Initial waste discharge permits for tailings facilities -- Siting criteria -- Primary screening process -- Technical site investigation -- Site selection report.
78.56.100Waste discharge permits for metals mining and milling operations tailing facilities -- Pollution control standards -- Waste rock management plan -- Citizen observation and verification of water samples -- Voluntary reduction plan -- Application of this section.
78.56.110Performance security required -- Conditions -- Department of ecology authority to adopt requirements -- Liability under performance security.
78.56.120Remediation or mitigation by department of ecology -- Order to submit performance security.
78.56.130Legislative finding -- Impact analysis required for large-scale operations -- Impact fees by county legislative authority -- Application of this section -- Application of chapter 82.02 RCW.
78.56.140Citizen action suits.
78.56.150Application of requirements to milling facilities not adjacent to mining operation.
78.56.160Moratorium on use of heap leach extraction process -- Joint review by department of ecology and department of natural resources -- Permanent prohibition of in situ extraction.
78.56.900Severability -- 1994 c 232.
78.56.901Effective date -- 1994 c 232 §§ 1-5, 9-17, and 23-29.
78.56.902Effective date -- 1994 c 232 §§ 6-8 and 18-22.