Chapter 78.52 RCW
Declaration of purpose.
Hearings and meetings of department.
Employment of personnel.
Conduct of hearingsEvidence.
Hearing examiners.
Failure of witness to attend or testifyContempt.
Attorney for department.
State oil and gas supervisorDeputy supervisorsEmployment of personnel.
Duty and powers of departmentIn general.
Rules, regulations, and ordersTime and place of hearingNotices.
Hearing upon petitionTime for action.
RecordsCopies as evidenceCopies to be furnished.
Drilling permit requiredNotice.
Environmental impact statement required when drilling affects surface waters of the stateDrilling may be denied, when.
Waste prohibited.
Carbon black and carbon productsPermit required.
Investigations authorized.
InvestigationsPowers and duties.
Development units authorized for known pools.
Development units to be prescribed for pool after discoveryTemporary development units.
Development unitsSize and shape.
Development unitsLocation of well.
Development unitsOrder must cover entire poolModifications.
Development unitsPooling of interests.
Pooling orderAllocation of production.
Pooled interests in well in development unitAllocation of costsRights of owners.
Pooling agreement, offer to pool, pooling orderFairness to nonconsenting, unleased owners.
Operations on development unit deemed operations on each tractProduction allocated to tract deemed produced from each tractShut-in well considered on each tractLease on part of tract excluded from unit.
Dissolution of pooling orderInterests covered by terminated leaseModification or termination of pooling orderExtension of dissolution of pooling order.
"Wildcat" or "exploratory" well data confidential.
Limitation of production to "oil allowable"Proration.
Determining market demandNo undue discrimination in proration of "allowable."
Limitation of production to "gas allowable"Proration.
Limitation of gas production from one pool.
Proration of allowable production in poolPublication of ordersEmergency orders.
Compliance with limitation or proration required.
Unit operation of separately owned tracts.
Unit operation of pools.
Ratable purchase of oil from owners or operators of pool required.
Ratable purchase of gas from owners or operators of pool required.
Enforcement of RCW 78.52.345 and 78.52.355.
Participation of public lands in unit plan.
Unit plan not deemed monopolistic.
Suspension of operations for violationNoticeOrderHearingStay of order.
Illegal oil, gas, or productSale, purchase, etc., prohibitedSeizure and saleDeposit of proceeds.
Objections to orderHearing requiredModification of order.
Appeal from order or decisionRights of department.
AppealHow taken.
ViolationsInjunctions by private party.
Short title.
Construction1951 c 146.
Severability1951 c 146.
Franchises on county roads and bridges: Chapter 36.55 RCW.
Gas and hazardous liquid pipelines: Chapter 81.88 RCW.
Interstate oil compact commission, governor may join: RCW 43.06.015.
Oil or natural gas exploration in marine waters: RCW 90.58.550.
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