Chapter 77.65 RCW


RCW Sections

77.65.010Commercial licenses and permits required -- Exemption.
77.65.020Transfer of licenses -- Restrictions -- Fees -- Inheritability.
77.65.030Commercial licenses and permits -- Application deadline -- Exception.
77.65.040Commercial licenses -- Qualifications -- Limited-entry license -- Nonsalmon delivery license.
77.65.050Application for commercial licenses and permits -- Replacement.
77.65.060No commercial fishery during year -- License requirement waived or license fees refunded.
77.65.070Licensees subject to statute and rules -- Licenses not subject to security interest or lien -- Expiration and renewal of licenses.
77.65.080License suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
77.65.090Vessel substitution -- Fees.
77.65.100Vessel designation.
77.65.110Alternate operator designation -- Fees.
77.65.120Sale or delivery of food fish or shellfish -- Conditions -- Charter boat operation.
77.65.130Vessel operation -- License designation -- Alternate operator license required.
77.65.140Alternate operators -- Increase for certain licenses.
77.65.150Charter licenses and angler permits -- Fees -- "Charter boat" defined -- Oregon charter boats -- Salmon charter license renewal.
77.65.160Commercial salmon fishery licenses -- Gear and geographic designations -- Fees.
77.65.170Salmon delivery license -- Fees -- Restrictions -- Revocation.
77.65.180Oregon, California harvested salmon -- Landing in Washington ports encouraged.
77.65.190Emergency salmon delivery license -- Fees -- Nontransferable, nonrenewable.
77.65.200Commercial fishery licenses for food fish fisheries -- Fees -- Rules for species, gear, and areas.
77.65.210Nonlimited entry delivery license -- Limitations -- Fees.
77.65.220Commercial fishery licenses for shellfish fisheries -- Fees -- Rules for species, gear, and areas.
77.65.240Surcharge on Dungeness crab-coastal fishery license and Dungeness crab-coastal class B fishery license -- Coastal crab account.
77.65.250Hardshell clam mechanical harvester fishery license.
77.65.260State oyster reserves -- Oyster reserve fishery license.
77.65.270Oyster cultch permit.
77.65.280Wholesale fish dealer's license -- Fees -- Exemption.
77.65.290Wholesale fish dealer licenses -- Display.
77.65.300Wholesale fish dealer may be a fish buyer.
77.65.310Wholesale fish dealers -- Documentation of commercial harvest.
77.65.320Wholesale fish dealers -- Performance bond.
77.65.330Wholesale fish dealers -- Performance bond -- Payment of liability.
77.65.340Fish buyer's license -- Fees.
77.65.350Salmon charter crew member -- Salmon roe license -- Sale of salmon roe -- Conditions.
77.65.360License fee increases -- Disposition.
77.65.370Food fish guide license.
77.65.380Ocean pink shrimp -- Defined.
77.65.390Ocean pink shrimp -- Delivery license -- Fees.
77.65.400Emerging commercial fishery -- Trial or experimental fishery -- Licenses and permits.
77.65.410Geoduck diver license -- Fee -- Expiration -- Safety program.
77.65.420Wild salmonid policy -- Establishment.
77.65.430Wild salmonid policy -- Management strategies and gear types.
77.65.440Alternate operator -- Geoduck diver -- Food fish guide -- Fees.
77.65.450Trapper's license -- Fees.
77.65.460Trapper's license -- Training program or examination requisite for issuance to initial licensee.
77.65.480Taxidermist, fur dealer, game fish guide, game farmer, anadromous game fish buyer -- Licenses -- Fees -- Fish stocking and game contest permits.
77.65.490Activities requiring license/permit.
77.65.500Reports required from persons with licenses or permits under RCW 77.65.480.
77.65.510Direct retail endorsement -- Fees -- Responsibilities of holder and alternate operators.
77.65.515Direct retail endorsement -- Requirements.
77.65.520Direct retail endorsement -- Compliance -- Violations -- Suspension.
77.65.530Washington-coastal spot shrimp pot fishery license.
77.65.540Coastal spot shrimp fishery -- Report to the legislature.
77.65.550Revocation of geoduck diver license.
77.65.560Application for food fish guide license/game fish guide license -- Required information.
77.65.900Effective date -- 1989 c 316.