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Chapter 77.15 RCW


RCW Sections

77.15.005Finding -- Intent.
77.15.010Exemption for department actions.
77.15.020Authority to define violation of rule as infraction -- Agreement to enforce certain civil infractions.
77.15.030Individual animal unlawfully taken -- Separate offense.
77.15.050"Conviction" defined.
77.15.060Reference to chapters 7.84 and 9A.20 RCW.
77.15.065Authority of attorney general if prosecuting attorney defaults.
77.15.070Civil forfeiture of property used for violation of chapter.
77.15.075Enforcement authority of fish and wildlife officers -- Volunteer chaplain.
77.15.080Fish and wildlife officers and ex officio fish and wildlife officers -- Inspection authority.
77.15.085Seizure without warrant.
77.15.090Search, arrest warrant -- Issuance -- Execution.
77.15.092Arrest without warrant.
77.15.094Search without warrant -- Seizure of evidence, property -- Limitation.
77.15.096Inspection without warrant -- Commercial fish and wildlife entities -- Limitations.
77.15.098Willful misconduct/gross negligence -- Civil liability.
77.15.100Seized fish, shellfish, and wildlife -- Forfeiture -- Sale -- Disposition of sale.
77.15.110Acting for commercial purposes -- When -- Proof.
77.15.120Endangered fish or wildlife -- Unlawful taking -- Penalty.
77.15.130Protected fish or wildlife -- Unauthorized taking -- Penalty -- Criminal wildlife penalty assessment.
77.15.150Poison or explosives -- Unlawful use -- Penalty.
77.15.160Infractions (as amended by 2014 c 48).
77.15.160Infractions (as amended by 2014 c 202).
77.15.170Waste of fish and wildlife -- Penalty.
77.15.180Unlawful interference with fishing or hunting gear -- Penalty.
77.15.190Unlawful trapping -- Penalty.
77.15.191Revocation of trapper's license -- Placement of unauthorized traps.
77.15.194Unlawful traps -- Penalty.
77.15.196Unlawful poison -- Penalty.
77.15.198Violation of RCW 77.15.194 or 77.15.196 -- Penalty.
77.15.210Obstructing the taking of fish, shellfish, or wildlife -- Penalty.
77.15.212Damages due to violation of RCW 77.15.210 -- Civil action.
77.15.230Department lands or facilities -- Unlawful use -- Penalty.
77.15.240Unlawful use of dogs -- Penalty -- Authority to take or destroy a dog -- Certain hazing activities permitted.
77.15.245Unlawful practices -- Black bear baiting -- Exceptions -- Illegal hunting -- Use of dogs -- Exceptions -- Penalties.
77.15.250Unlawful release or possession of fish, shellfish, or wildlife -- Penalty -- Unlawful release of deleterious exotic wildlife -- Penalty.
77.15.260Unlawful trafficking in fish, shellfish, or wildlife -- Penalty.
77.15.265Unlawful possession of fish, shellfish, or wildlife knowingly taken in violation of another state's or country's laws -- Penalty.
77.15.270Providing false information -- Penalty.
77.15.280Reporting of fish or wildlife harvest -- Rules violation -- Penalty.
77.15.290Unlawful transportation of fish or wildlife -- Penalty.
77.15.300Unlawful hydraulic project activities -- Penalty.
77.15.310Unlawful failure to use or maintain approved fish guard on water diversion device -- Penalty.
77.15.320Unlawful failure to provide, maintain, or operate fishway for dam or other obstruction -- Penalty.
77.15.340Unlawful operation of a game farm -- Penalty.
77.15.350Inspection and disease control of aquatic farms -- Rules violation -- Penalty.
77.15.360Unlawful interfering in department operations -- Penalty.
77.15.370Unlawful recreational fishing in the first degree -- Penalty -- Criminal wildlife penalty assessment.
77.15.380Unlawful recreational fishing in the second degree -- Penalty.
77.15.382Unlawful use of shellfish gear for personal use purposes -- Penalty.
77.15.390Seaweed -- Unlawful taking -- Penalty.
77.15.400Unlawful hunting of wild birds -- Violation of a rule requiring nontoxic shot -- Penalty.
77.15.410Unlawful hunting of big game -- Penalty.
77.15.420Illegally taken or possessed wildlife -- Criminal wildlife penalty assessed.
77.15.425Fish and wildlife enforcement reward account.
77.15.430Unlawful hunting of wild animals -- Penalty.
77.15.435Unlawful hunting on or retrieving hunted wildlife from the property of another -- Defense -- Penalty -- Forfeiture and disposition of wildlife.
77.15.440Weapons, traps, or dogs on game reserves -- Unlawful use -- Penalty.
77.15.450Spotlighting big game -- Penalty.
77.15.460Loaded rifle or shotgun in vehicle -- Unlawful use or possession -- Unlawful use of a loaded firearm -- Penalty.
77.15.470Wildlife check stations or field inspections -- Unlawful avoidance -- Penalty.
77.15.480Certain devices declared public nuisances.
77.15.500Commercial fishing without a license -- Penalty.
77.15.510Acting as a game fish guide, food fish guide, or chartering without a license -- Penalty.
77.15.520Commercial fishing -- Unlawful gear or methods -- Penalty.
77.15.522Unlawful use of shellfish gear for commercial purposes -- Penalty.
77.15.530Unlawful use of a nondesignated vessel -- Penalty.
77.15.540Unlawful use of a commercial fishery license -- Penalty.
77.15.550Violation of commercial fishing area or time -- Penalty.
77.15.552Qualifying commercial fishing violations.
77.15.554License suspension review committee.
77.15.565Wholesale fish dealers -- Accounting of commercial harvest -- Penalties.
77.15.568Secondary commercial fish receiver's failure to account for commercial harvest -- Penalty.
77.15.570Participation of non-Indians in Indian fishery forbidden -- Exceptions, definitions, penalty.
77.15.580Unlawful use of net to take fish -- Penalty.
77.15.590Commercial fishing vessel -- Unlawful use for recreational or charter fishing -- Penalty.
77.15.600Engaging in commercial wildlife activity without a license -- Penalty.
77.15.610Unlawful use of a commercial wildlife license -- Penalty.
77.15.620Engaging in fish dealing activity -- Unlicensed -- Penalty.
77.15.630Unlawful fish and shellfish catch accounting -- Penalty.
77.15.640Unlawful wholesale fish buying and dealing -- Penalty.
77.15.650Unlawful purchase or use of a license -- Penalty.
77.15.660Unlawful use of scientific permit -- Penalty.
77.15.670Suspension of department privileges -- Violation -- Penalty -- Violations of child support-based suspensions.
77.15.675Hunting while intoxicated -- Penalty.
77.15.680Department authority to suspend privileges -- Form and procedure.
77.15.690Department authority to revoke licenses.
77.15.700Grounds for department revocation and suspension of recreational license -- Appeal.
77.15.710Conviction for assault -- Revocation of licenses and suspension of privileges.
77.15.720Discharge of firearm, bow, or crossbow while hunting -- In a manner that injures a person or that kills or causes substantial bodily harm to livestock -- Suspension of hunting privileges -- Appeal.
77.15.730Wildlife violator compact citations and convictions.
77.15.732Citations from wildlife violator compact party state -- Failure to comply.
77.15.740Protection of southern resident orca whales -- Unlawful activities -- Penalty.
77.15.750Unlawful use of a department permit -- Penalty.
77.15.760Suspension of a master hunter permit -- Appeal hearing.
77.15.770Unlawful trade in shark fins -- Penalty.
77.15.780Disposition of judicially forfeited seized property.
77.15.790Negligently feeding, attempting to feed, or attracting large wild carnivores to land or a building -- Infraction.
77.15.792Intentionally feeding or attempting to feed large wild carnivores or intentionally attracting large wild carnivores to land or a building -- Penalty.
77.15.800Engaging in wildlife rehabilitation without a permit -- Penalty.
77.15.803Inspection of aquatic conveyance.
77.15.805Violation of an invasive species law -- Warrant.
77.15.807Invasive species in or on water body or property -- Warrant.
77.15.809Unlawful use of invasive species in the second degree -- Penalty.
77.15.811Unlawful use of invasive species in the first degree -- Penalty.
77.15.900Short title.
77.15.901Captions not law.
77.15.902Savings -- 1998 c 190.